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Clean and safe drinking water dramatically improves life. The small effort by Madhye in bringing clean water to the community has made families healthier and happier. Madhye keep adding value to the lives of people!! Keep up the good work

Dr Dharma choudhrey

Senior Director &HOD(BMT)
BL Kapoor hospital
New Delhi
Madhye has been a helping hand in developing the vocationaltraining for the jawans and their families in the cantonment.The efforts by madhye are greatly appreciated and their services towards the nation grow with each passing day!! Jai Hind!!

Lt.col Animesh Kumar

My gratitude to Madhye and Ambuja cement foundation for helping me learn led bulb making and empowering my life and making it better….i will cherish this all my life.thank you madhye!!


Recipient of led bulb making training
I am honoured to be one of the recipients of the financial support . Thanks to your generous support in my education endeavour.



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